Only students studying in gradeS 11 and 12 are eligible for this event

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International court of justice


Armed activities on the territory of Congo (Democratic Republic of Congo v Uganda, Rwanda)

Chair: Priyadarshini Dutt

Vice-Chair: Kanav Talwar

Moderator: Sanya Jethwani

Rapporteur: Sophie Pandita

About the committee:

“Without law, men are beasts.”

- Maxwell Anderson.

The epitome of all things legal, and the stoic pillar in the face of global melee, the International Court of Justice is a committee like no other. With the power to speak the delicate language of international law, we embark on a journey to bring justice to its intricacies. Two nations making their case before the court and a bench of nine judges to wield the hand of justice, this committee is for those with a passion to prove themselves, in keeping with an intrinsic respect for due procedure. Advocates will be tasked with delving deep into the origin and implications of the case, complete with opening arguments and witness testimonials. The judges have the floor open to question both the advocates and the law they stand by. We’re ready for two unforgettable days of debate, deliberation and drama. Are you?