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The International Criminal Police Organization



Investigation of War Crimes in Syria


Chair: jai mirchandani

Vice-Chair: freyana buhariwala

Moderator: ishan yellurkar

Rapporteur: dhruv dhawan

about the committee

The world's largest police organisation, facilitating crime control, arms its member nations with supreme executive authority to take affirmative action, resolve conflict and bring the war criminals to justice. The committee of INTERPOL has vowed to put an end to this humanitarian crisis, the only question is, can you delegates live up to it?

country matrix

  1. Syrian Arab Republic

  2. Islamic Republic of Iran

  3. Republic of Iraq

  4. Republic of Turkey

  5. State of Israel

  6. United States of America

  7. Russian Federation

  8. Republic of Lebanon

  9. Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan

  10. French Republic

  11. Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

  12. State of Qatar

  13. Republic of Cyprus

  14. State of Libya

  15. United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

  16. Republic of India

  17. Islamic Republic of Pakistan

  18. People's Republic of China

  19. Arab Republic of Egypt

  20. Kingdom of Netherlands

  21. Islamic Republic of Afghanistan

  22. United Arab Emirates

  23. Kingdom of Bahrain

  24. State of Kuwait

  25. Sultanate of Oman

  26. Republic of Somalia

  27. Republic of Sudan

  28. Republic of Yemen

  29. State of Palestine

  30. Kingdom of Morocco

  31. Republic of Tunisia

  32. Hellenic Republic (Greece)

  33. Republic of Armenia

  34. Federal Republic of Germany

  35. Dominion of Canada

  36. Italian Republic-

  37. The Swiss confederation

  38. State ofJapan-

  39. Kingdom of Sweden

  40. Kingdom of Denmark

  41. Federative Republic of Brazil

  42. Republic of Kazakhstan