Only students studying in gradeS 11 and 12 are eligible for this event

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joint action committee


Venezuelan Presidential Crisis

President: Vatsaal Deliwala

Cabinet 1: Sasha Sharma, Vansh Desai

   Cabinet 2: Raayaan Sahu, Ananya Sureka

Cabinet 3: Marushka Kenia, Aditya Nayak

About the Committee: 

Anarchy or governance?

This is exactly the question that will be asked and answered at the Joint Action Committee at AWS this year. 

The only word that can describe JAC appropriately is— Entropy. The typical order and hierarchy of a conventional committee is completely broken down to present delegates with an opportunity to deal with fist-clenching crises and problems which assume a meandering character. Nobody knows how the committee is going to be shaped or end and we are as excited to find out as all of you delegates are. 

We can tell you this for sure: we won’t let you down. 

Country Matrix: 

  1. Nicolas Maduro

  2. Juan Guaido

  3. Russian Federation

  4. United States of America

  5. Leopoldo Lopez

  6. United Kingdom od Great Britain and Northern Ireland

  7. Cuba

  8. People Republic of China

  9. Vladimir Padrino Lopez

  10. Iran

  11. Diosdado Padrino

  12. Maikel Moreno

  13. Ivan Rafael Hernandez Dala

  14. Republic of Chile

  15. Carlos Veccio

  16. Spain

  17. Turkey

  18. Mexico

  19. Brazil

  20. Colombia

  21. Manuel Quevedo

  22. Henry Ramos Phillip

  23. Manuel Cristopher Figuera

  24. The Int'l Contact Group on Venezuela- Represented by the EU Envoy to Venezuela

  25. Maria Corina Machado

  26. Henrique Caprilles

  27. Diosdado Cabello

  28. Juan Requesens

  29. Jorge Rodriguez

  30. Elias Jaua Milano

  31. Iris Varela