Secretary General: Arnav deshpande

Arnav is an ardent speaker and an International politics enthusiast. His love for MUNs stems from his keen interest in Global Affairs and International Law. Being the ISC Representative of his school, he already has experience in handling high-pressure situations and spearheading a team to its final goal. Having attended over 20 MUNs as a delegate, as an EB member, as an OC member and with awards in Harvard MUN and Mumbai MUN under his belt, he is truly well suited to lead Jamnabai Narsee School's prestigious- Annual World Summit as it's Secretary-General.

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deputy secretary general: shashwati deshmukh

Shashwati Deshmukh identifies herself as a citizen of the world. She enjoys the art of debate and values independent thinking, creativity and elegant articulation with a unique sense of humour. She is a debater at the national level and enjoys expressing herself through oration, writing and art appreciation. She is passionate about encouraging delegates to bring forth original thinking and fearlessly expressing one’s thoughts intelligently, albeit with quiet confidence. She believes in the words of author Richard Ayoade, “Somewhere in the distance a wolf could be howling, but he decides not to. This particular wolf is by nature quiet and doesn’t wish to blindly conform to stereotype.” 


under secretary general: jaiditya khemani

Jaiditya Khemani is a charismatic person who aspires to be an entrepreneur and considers global affairs and diplomacy as two of the most important qualities students should possess. He has been participating in MUN’s since the 7th Grade and has been a part of them as a delegate, executive board member as well as in the organising committee.  He enjoys discussing climate change, cybersecurity and disarmament. A strong believer in the relevance of climate change Jaiditya has done research projects on its relation with Thermodynamics. For him, MUNs are more than just a place to discuss world issues. It's a place to interact with new people, learn and have overall development as an individual.