HEAD: jahnavi bali

During this lockdown period, she discovered her interests in graphical and website designing, and it has been growing ever since. She is extremely resourceful and has good interpersonal skills. As a sports player and a member of various other organisations, she flaunts her quality of teamwork. Her headstrong character summed with her boldness and an eye for detail makes her a great candidate for the Administration team this year.



HEAD: prateek balani

His mature and responsible approach to any task he undertakes or any situation he’s presented with makes him a person ready to meet challenges in a positive manner. He is tech-savvy and passionate about learning about the studies of old Greek and Roman Philosophers. His work ethic makes every task he does look easy.

HEAD: rohan raghavan

Organised, helpful and meticulous, he has a knack for analysing situations and can offer unique solutions to meet any predicament. His ability to strategize and plan ahead prevents any circumstance from getting out of hand. Quick-witted and dedicated, he always rises up to the challenge.