Only students studying in gradeS 11 and 12 are eligible for this event

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African Union

A fierce debator and veteran MUNer with the quick wit that comes with the two, a committee with Gaurav Aswani as chair is certain to be one with more than its fair share of chaos and conflict. That, mingled with his talent for dramatics will result in entertaining committee sessions to say the least.


Gaurav Aswani

With a virtually endless inventory of knowledge in the natural and computer sciences, Pirann makes for a well-informed moderator for this committee. His ability to jump to different perspectives is a boon to all delegates in all crisis. His eccentric spontaneity will make for some interesting committee sessions.


Pirann Sukhia

His abundant knowledge on myriad subjects is an asset to any productive discussion or debate. Add to that his calm, collected and focused approach to problems, which is what a good organiser is all about. His enthusiasm is infectious. His meticulous and systematic approach defines the quote, "Don't raise your voice, improve your argument." His strengths merit him, undeniably, an exemplary place in any committe he should be a part of.


Ammar Sura

Always ready to utter the harsh truths others refuse to, Kaira Sidhwa still manages to temper candour with compassion to fruitful effect. Armed with a unique sense of humour, her presence will surely brighten up any dull situation. Passionate about science, she believes that modern problems require modern solutions.


Kaira Sidhwa