Only students studying in gradeS 11 and 12 are eligible for this event

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disarmament and international security council

A connoisseur of diplomacy and an indefatigable leader, Ritvik Saraf was once inquisitive about international politics and has never been more exuberant since. He strives to mark the culmination of the world by bringing us closer to the panacea of all conundrums, namely world peace and security. He desires and hopes to establish this committee as a delightful and enriching experience where every MUNner has the courage to speak his heart out.


Ritvik Saraf

Jay knows how to make a stance and at the same get a loud bang on the tables for making an amazing point. He not only exhibits leadership qualities but also is a practical thinker. He works extremely hard and lives by the mantra ,"If you want to be somewhere, you have to work for it.” When it comes to his dreams, he knows how to turn them into reality. Not only is he an amazing orator but also a very ambitious person.


Jay Garkhel

Her hardcore belief that time is most precious has always motivated Nandini Pillai to give her one hundred percent to everything she comes across. Her keen interest in details and an open mind to contradict commonly held views makes her a leader comfortable to work with. She is often engrossed in world affairs and the more she reads and discusses about it, the firmer she believes that the key to development and progress is world peace.



Nandini Pillai

A keen listener and a well versed speaker, Ayushi Savla has an eye for perfection. She wishes the best for every delegate and wants to make sure they have a memorable experience. Being an enthusiastic delegate herself, she will make sure every delegate in the committee interacts and puts his/her best foot forward.


Ayushi Savla