Aaryan's ideal committee is extremely active yet fast-paced with every single delegate enthusiastically fighting to speak and continuously trying to do better than others to be the winner.  Most importantly, he expects the committee to be productive. According to Aryan - The best delegate is the one who leads the direction of the committee.


VICE CHAIR: shauna chandra

Shauna strongly believes that MUNs should be fun and something to look forward to instead of something that new delegates have to be fearful or nervous about. She is the kind of person who is always up for a challenge and faces them with a firm hand, diplomacy and patience. Shauna is a firm advocate of the fact that “without action, there is no research and without research, there is no action.” 

MODERATOR: kashish jain

Kashish loves participating in debates and discussions as she is not afraid of voicing her opinions. Her love for law, politics, public speaking and current affairs always makes her stand out in a group. She hopes to make big changes in the world one step at a time. Apart from being a good leader, she’s a team player, and cannot wait to see what the delegates have to offer!

RAPPORTEUR: arrush das

Arrush is perceptive and loves a healthy debate on any topic. He keeps a pragmatic mindset and is a sound believer in the scientific method. He takes a keen interest in current affairs too. He loves meeting new people and is always up for a conversation with anyone


Only students studying in grades 11 and 12 are eligible for this event

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