CHAIR: aryan hosangady

With a keen eye for detail and an analytical mindset, Aryan constantly analyses the global political and economic situation. A strong orator and debater, he specialises in finance and is particularly interested in market research and valuation. He is fact-oriented and advocates the use of logic in any and every situation.


VICE CHAIR: kunsh khanna

Kunsh has a keen interest in diplomacy and always keeps himself updated on global affairs, especially the European Union. He is also well versed with other topics like International Business and Economics. In this committee, Kunsh expects the delegates to be full of ideas, derive innovative solutions to problems and have exemplary analytical skills.


MODERATOR: prekshaa rungta

An ardent public speaker, a persuasive writer, a passionate artist, and a TED-Ed speaker, Prekshaa has won accolades in several international debating and writing competitions. She tries to use these diverse mediums of expression to convey her thoughts on various topics, in hope of sparking intellectual conversations among people.

RAPPORTEUR: eklaveya sethi

Eklaveya is an enthusiast who enjoys healthy debate. He is gadget-savvy and enjoys reading about new developments. Most importantly, he is very approachable and extremely passionate about any assignment or project that he takes up. He can be described as a people’s person.