Only students studying in gradeS 11 and 12 are eligible for this event

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International court of justice

An aspiring lawyer and national level debator, Priyadarshini Dutt spends most of her time engaging in hearty deliberations. Known for her unparalleled wit and humour, she is sure to make the committee enjoyable and engaging for the delegates. A befitting chairperson, she guarantees two days of intellectual parley, satisfying to advocates and judges alike.


Priyadarshini Dutt

With her zealous personality and her everlasting enthusiasm, Sanya Jethwani will undoubtedly push every delegate to think promptly and act quickly.With a keen interest in justice and law she will put her best foot forward in recognising raw talent. Encouraging each MUNner to speak, she will ensure that this committee will be an interesting one.


Sanya Jethwani

Being an enthusiastic learner, Kanav aspires to never stop gaining knowledge. He is always ready for constructive debate and is also passionate about justice. He gives every delegate a chance to express his opinion and never leaves any view-point unheard


Kanav Talwar

Sophie likes to think that a leader is not the loudest person in the room but one who can conquer with compassion. She is passionate about political science, world cinema and learning more about children living in trying regimes.


Sophie Pandita