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the international criminal police organization (interpol)


CHAIR: jai mirchandani

Jai Mirchandani's fierce personality, wit and humour is best shown during intense debates centred around global affairs, political philosophy and international crime. He believes that for any investigation, logical discussions must be matched by thorough research. Jai expects a committee which is passionate, well researched and is able to think on its feet and come up with riveting solutions when faced with a crisis.


VICE CHAIR: freyana buhariwala

Freyana's strong verbal skills and assertive nature often make her ‘the boldest presence in the room.’ Her investigative inclinations and passion for research have led her to extensively study various criminal cases throughout INTERPOL'S history. Quick-witted and always equipped with hard-hitting questions, she enjoys intense debates on social and political issues. As Vice-Chair of the world's largest police organisation, she expects delegates to be able to think quickly and solve global criminal issues through affirmative action.

MODERATOR: ishan yellurkar

Ishan enjoys discussing international crime, diplomacy and foreign relations. He is up for any kind of work related to these themes. He expects delegates to have an eye for international relations, to think big, to have the understanding to listen, be diplomatic and find solutions through co-operation.

RAPPORTEUR: dhruv dhawan

Dhruv likes to use his tactfulness and strategic thinking to take important decisions without too much hassle. He is a very approachable person and is always ready to go the extra mile for the team. Being a delegate at INTERPOL last year got him interested in matters relating to international crime and investigation. He expects a lively and energetic committee and hopes the delegates will be prepared to take on any obstacle that is presented in their path.