indian parliament

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CHAIR: aryan sinha

Aryan understands MUN as an opportunity for every delegate to know more about global politics or country politics. He possesses an acumen towards Indian state of affairs and regards this Indian Committee as an opportunity to express and learn real facts. He likes to be aware of both sides of the coin. His focus lies in cultivating interest in new MUNners.


VICE CHAIR: myeisha tibb

A political debate is something Myeisha can never abstain from participating in. She has an opinion on almost every political issue, yet is always open to hearing others’ views. She has a keen eye for detail and infusing fun into all her work is a strategy she swears by! Myeisha expects a lot of wit and some Parliamentarian level drama in committee.


MODERATOR: khushi madan

Apart from being busy in all school activities, Khushi enjoys spending her time learning new things. She is very detail-oriented and expects the same from delegates in the committee. Presentation and voice modulation are much appreciated by her. A big fan of elocution, writing and drama, Khushi is the apt person to have in committee!


RAPPORTEUR: khushi panda

Khushi has been participating in MUNs since 2018 and has a keen interest in diplomacy. She is an aspiring behavioural economist who likes to spend her free time reading thrillers or watching TED talks. She has participated in debate and writing competitions at the international level, acquiring a few accolades. While she may seem reserved at first, she is extremely approachable once you get to know her.