Only students studying in gradeS 11 and 12 are eligible for this event

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Indian Parliament

An optimist and positivist, Rajvee takes a keen interest in Indian politics and perseveres in every task assigned to her. Having taken part in elocution, she believes in the power of oratory while not shifting focus from the content of speech. Her thirst for knowledge is insatiable as she perseveres in her endeavour to make a change. Her fun loving and passionate nature is sure to keep monotony at bay while the committee experiences one of the most stimulating and enthralling discussions ever.


Rajvee Parikh

A creative, optimistic and determined leader, Renee Chaurasia loves taking up challenges and working diligently to accomplish them. 

She believes that everyone must stand up for what is right and be given a fair chance to express their views.

As a moderator, she will ensure fruitful debate among delegates. With her charismatic and exuberant personality, she is sure to make the experience for her delegates a memorable one.


Renee Chaurasia

Confident, determined and self-motivated, Sakshi believes in the extraordinary power of speech. She feels it has the power to compel and convert.

She aspires to bring out the best in all delegates and promises productive debate! 


Sakshi Shah

Vaishnevi is one to look out for. Known for her happy go lucky attitude and creative outlook on life, this exuberant individual is the perfect pick for the IP. Amiable yet meticulous, she has a flair for drawing out the best in people, making the committee one to attend


Vaishnevi Jumaani