Only students studying in gradeS 11 and 12 are eligible for this event

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joint action committee

Having an expansive MUNning experience that spans across many MUN circuits of India, our JAC President Vatsaal Deliwala is a national-level debator. He believes that wit, tact, promptness and appropriate choice of words is what makes a delegate. A passionate lover of constant crisis situations that will keep the committee on their toes, overt in his love for fierce discussions and keen to see every delegate showcase their true potential, he is a befitting ‘president’ to his committee. 


Vatsaal Deliwala

Benevolent, dedicated and hardworking are just a few words that describe Vansh Desai. He is highly approachable and very friendly with his aquaintances. He is also an eloquent speaker and is quick to adapt to different situations, which is essential for a fast-paced committee like JAC.

Cabinet 1: Vice-Chair

Vansh Desai

Ananya Sureka has a keen eye for details and is a passionate learner who believes that success is a representation of ones hard-work.  She is meticulous in her work, and aims for perfection. Her calm and composed demeanor serves as a catalyst to bring positivity out of a challenging situation. She will help you to the best of her capabilities to enjoy AWS, and have an enriching as well as a memorable experience.

Cabinet 2: Vice-Chair

Ananya Sureka

A quick-witted orator with a sharp intellect, Aditya Nayak will keep the committee on its toes. He is an avid reader and has a plethora of information about the current world scenario. Always ready to explore and create new stories, he will ensure that the committee is never left without any twist in the tale. A true leader, he is meticulous, sincere, and hardworking but also friendly and approachable.

Cabinet 3: Vice-Chair

Aditya Nayak

A keen observer with an eye for precision, Sasha always strives to bring out the best in herself as well as the people she works with. Driven by passion, she firmly believes that hard work and perseverance are the keys to success. Being well-read, she is cognizant of the instrumental changes happening in the world and her dedication will bring out the best in her.

Cabinet 1: Chair

Sasha Sharma

Humourous and astute, Raayaan will cruise through debates and arguments and will keep the delegates on their toes. Sparing them no time to predict the future. His committee sessions will be orderly chaotic. Raayaan believes that “being a part” is what truly matters and expects the delegates to be fearless, bold, and confident.


Cabinet 2: Chair

Raayaan Sahu

A strong orator, and an avid reader, Marushka Kenia will always stick by her strong opinions and will leave no stone unturned to keep the delegates on their toes in anticipation of what’s coming next. She believes in being a hard-worker and evolving and achieving constantly. With her exuberance and conviction, she will make this MUNing experience an eventful one.

Cabinet 3: Chair

Marushka Kenia