Only students studying in gradeS 11 and 12 are eligible for this event

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Besides being an affable person, Harshita is also an effective and a well structured planner. She is goal oriented, a rational thinker and is focused on outperforming herself.Her enthusiasm and dedication to perform every task unflinchingly is a good motivation for the whole team.

Harshita Maurya

Gauranshi chooses to view the positive side of things at the same time she is not ignorant of reality and its implications. She does not let obstacles that come in her path stop her from achieving her goals. She has a friendly demeanour which attracts people. Nothing stops this bundle of energy from spreading joy around her.

Gauranshi Kanotra

Abbas Zaveri is an approachable and understanding member with leadership skills. Known to handle any task with utmost dedication and efficiency, he is the perfect individual to count on to handle work under pressure.

Abbas Zaveri

Patience, diligence and maturity are some of the qualities that help Shrutee Thakker to be a part of Logistics. She tends to make decisions easily, even in difficult situations. Being level headed and calm makes her easily approachable.

Shrutee Thakker

Kavya Thakker possesses an affable and warm nature that makes her instantly likeable. She has a great sense of responsibility and ensures that work is completed within the stipulated time period. 

Kavya Thakker

Ayushman Saraf, the ever smiling and confident individual, is the perfect fit for the Logistic team due to his ability to meticulously organise anything required. His professionalism coupled with his humour, makes him a warm and inviting person. 

Ayushman Saraf

Zaki Zia is a polite, intellectual individual with sharp observational skills and an interest to learn new things. He is an asset for the Logistics Team due to his work ethic and ability to get any task done swiftly and without any hitches.

Zaki Zia