public relations

HEAD: anusha kala

A perfectionist, she is known for her optimistic personality and creativity. She puts her heart into everything she does and is the perfect blend of impeccable ideas and expression. Her vibrant personality, great aesthetic sense and unmatched ability to interact with others is what makes her such a great asset to the team.



HEAD: ishaan salian

Having worked on multiple design projects, Ishaan’s experience and amiable nature adds a great value to the workforce. His exceptional communication skills make him a team player. He always delivers on schedule even under pressurised environments. He is attentive to detail and applies a methodical approach to achieving goals. Being an effective communicator and critical thinker makes him a strong suit to the PR team.

MEMBER: Asmi Shah

She is someone who radiates positivity and energy and always believes in working smartly. She is a people’s person and is extremely passionate and driven about her work. Approachable and open-minded, she not only handles every situation with patience and maturity but also deals with every problem head-on!


MEMBER: Arshita Dwivedi

Arshita has been juggling sports and academics all her life and excelling in both the fields, making her one of the best multitaskers out there. Being part of multiple teams has helped enhance her ability to communicate with her peers and has also given her experience to keep a team running efficiently and smoothly. Her eye for detail is a great asset and she possesses a determination to achieve anything she sets her mind to. Being an avid reader and up to date with world affairs, makes her a very flexible and open-minded person. She is a perfectionist and a pleasure to have on the team.


MEMBER: Inaya Modak

You will often find Inaya stand out in a group because she isn’t afraid to voice her opinions. She is extremely street smart and is quick on her feet. Being a people’s person she is extremely patient and empathetic. She is a young entrepreneur and has her very own food business that she runs from Instagram! She is currently interning at URSA, a fashion label she has a lot of experience and is a perfect fit for the team.