press and photography

rayna d'souza

Always the Protagonist, Rayna radiates authenticity, concern and intuition and is unafraid to speak up on matters of importance. An excellent communicator, she sees people’s motivations and seemingly disconnected events and connects them creatively and honestly. A passionate altruist, she is unafraid to take the slings and arrows while standing up for the people and ideas she believes in. Her social skills, emotional intelligence and tendency to be “that person who knows everybody”, makes her a natural leader and administrator.




vidhi shah

Vidhi is an avid reader who likes exploring different genres of books. She likes public speaking for the sheer thrill that comes with the sense of being heard. She also has an abiding passion for art and an eye for detail pushing her towards photography.

Avril Dias

Avril is an enthusiastic learner who loves to express her creativity through various forms of art, dance, photography and writing. She makes sure to fulfil her desire to gain knowledge, on a plethora of topics which include those of understanding the human psyche to cultures around the world. She says being a part of the organising committee at AWS will give her the chance to look at the event from a different perspective this year as she is also a public speaker and a keen debater. She is looking forward to a great event this year and is excited about what this new experience will bring for all.


Anagha Venkatagiri

Submersive journalism, the interplay of judicious editorializing and hard fact, has always held much intrigue for Anagha, who believes that the two should be balanced just right. She believes words hold a lot of power, having spent a lot of time reading classics in general and Dickens in particular. On the best of days, her pen works almost as fast as her mind!