Only students studying in gradeS 11 and 12 are eligible for this event

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PRESS and photography

Being a passionate writer, Ananya Desai likes to focus on the intimate details of the big picture. Her motto in life is to always get things done while never failing to voice her opinion at the right time. She is always open to hearing different  perspectives of a situation to find creative solutions to complex problems. There is no doubt that her contributions to the Press Team will guide it towards excellence.

Ananya Desai

With an eye for detail and great writing skills, Tanishi Srivastava can ensure valuable contribution to the Press team. Her sincere and responsible attitude makes her a promising member who can help in the AWS in difference ways. She also loves art, craft and reading.

Tanishi Srivastava

Prataksha Gupta believes a photograph has the power to depict any situation in it's true authenticity, in a way much more beautiful than words ever can. Being artistically inclined, she plays with different angles and perspectives to reveal what the naked eye cannot see.

Prataksha Gupta

Sahir Shiek, known for his distinctive style of photography and his love for viewing the world through a camera lens was moulded to be a photographer. His bright, bubbly, child-like disposition coupled with his breathtaking photography skills will capture AWS in its element.

Sahir Shiek

With a fun-loving nature and radiant personality, Tanya Sabharwal believes that the perfect picture lies in not what you see but how you see it. She believes in team work and completing each task assigned to her passionately. She wishes to capture the emotions , tensions and characteristics of the event.

Tanya Sabharwal

Bidita Sarkar exemplifies the qualities of patience, determination and teamwork. With a keen interest towards reading and writing, she strongly abides by the motto "We are what we believe we are." Bidita's positive attitude and her observational qualities help her stand out.

Bidita Sarkar

Chintan Dedhia believes that the perfect picture lies in not what you see but how you see it. Being a passionate cinematographer, he knows how to be patient and take the perfect shot. Going by the motto, ‘composition is key’, he wishes to capture the emotions, tension and character of the event.

Chintan Dedhia

Vatsal Gada, a collegiate level photography winner always sees beauty where one would never think it existed. Flamboyant, outspoken and known for capturing the rawest pictures which truly speak a thousand words, he will capture the AWS experience in a way that speaks louder than the committee proceedings.

Vatsal Gada