Aarya Diwan

Aarya Diwan knows that team work is what helps you to get through any obstacle in life. His logical, analytical and tactful thinking along with his friendly demeanour makes him the perfect fit for the Security Team.


Varun Varma

With a calm and composed mindset, Varun believes in getting work done in the most efficient and effective manner. A multi-tasker with quick-thinking ability, Varun is an excellent addition to the Security Team.


Sana Gaya

Gregarious and cooperative, Sana is a responsible team player. Sana's calm and organised demanour helps her to solve problems and makes her best suited for what the Security Team demands.

Krishi Mundra

Hardworking and conscientious, Krishi believes in completing a given task and doing it well. Gregarious in nature, he loves helping people and is a great team player, making him an ideal part of the Security Team.