Only students studying in gradeS 11 and 12 are eligible for this event

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united nations human rights council

A self-proclaimed go-getter, her inquisitive nature has pushed her to explore diverse forms of self-expression from art to dramatics. Her insatiable desire to learn led to her interest in MUN conferences. An eloquent speaker, she equally enjoys the role of both a delegate as well as a chair. She believes that one should never shy away from voicing one’s opinions and that there is nothing that is unachievable once you set your mind to it. She will leave no stone unturned to ensure that the delegates have a truly unforgettable MUN experience.


Shrilakshmi Shankar

With an unparalleled enthusiasm, passion and an inquisitive mindset, Aryan Chopra is an exemplary orator, debator and dramatist. He puts in whole-hearted efforts in everything that he pursues and is excellent in expressing his opinions and ideas. He combines ambition and striving for excellence to not only make the most of his talents but also to raise the bar for all those he engages with.


Aryan Chopra

Apart from being a persistent debator and passionate writer, Jessica Budh also loves MUNning and feels it is one of the best ways to sensitize youngsters towards the problems that plague the world today. She believes that the change in mindset of the youth is what brings about real change. She looks forward to giving her best, and expects every delegate to do their best.


Jessica Budh

With a radiant personality and positive attitude, Krishna Thakker strives to give her best in any task. She strongly believes that actions speak louder than words and wishes that every delegate speaks up. With an impartial nature, she will play the role of the rapporteur excellently.


Krishna Thakker