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United NATIONS human rights council


Mishall is a vociferous speaker and MUNner, having participated in numerous events in the Mumbai circuit. He has a particular appreciation for the UNHRC committee, having done it numerous times before, and is never afraid to call out a Human Rights violation. He is very interested in History, as well as the Protest Issue being discussed and its various aspects. He is looking forward to quality research and fruitful debate, and a well-formatted resolution.



VICE CHAIR: lenishka gangwani

Lenishka is a naturally outgoing conversationalist with a passion for speaking on issues of global concern. She aims to create an intellectual flow of energy and keep up stimulating discussion in committee. Having much prior MUN experience, she is enthusiastic and driven towards discussing the international matter of protests.


MODERATOR: priyancka srivastava

Priyancka is an aspiring lawyer and a fierce advocate of human rights. She has a sharp eye for detail and her interests range from riding horses to debating about complex global issues. She believes that our generation's ideas can change the world and hopes to witness them at work during the course of the committee's sessions!


RAPPORTEUR: ananya chowdhry

Ananya enjoys a reputation for being calm under stressful situations, an ability that will prove to be an asset when the committee is in progress. She loves debates on political, philosophical and ethical matters. She believes that every person’s fundamental rights should be honoured. Creativity and the ability to think critically are her strong suits and she values being able to provide compelling solutions to unforeseen circumstances.  Ananya expects a committee that is well-read, authentic and that understands the unwavering mission of the committee to protect and promote human rights around the world.