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United NATIONS office on drugs and crime

CHAIR: rahael braganza

With a personality that can light up a room, Rahael is a born leader and a passionate team player. Her greatest asset is her ability to connect with people on matters that are socially important. If she puts her mind to something, she leaves no stone unturned until she achieves her goal.  Aside from her immense love for music, Rahael is a politics fanatic who enjoys intellectually stimulating discussions and is not afraid to speak her mind. She looks forward to seeing a similar passion in her delegates and promises to ensure that UNODC will be a great learning experience!



VICE CHAIR: radhika tribriwal

Radhika can almost always be found mulling over a mathematical equation and loves anything that is related to the current market scenario. She takes keen interest in current affairs and is passionate about the idea of giving back to society. She is looking forward to a committee filled with great ideas, prompt replies and fun.

MODERATOR: vedika makhija

Confident and focused, Vedika is someone who finds purpose in taking initiative and getting the job done. You will never see her shying away from speaking her mind or going out of her way to logically and efficiently resolve any issue at hand. Her leadership skills, honed from an early age both in the classroom and the swimming pool, coupled with her bright and bubbly personality make her a great asset to UNODC.

RAPPORTEUr: aarhan roy chowdhury

Confident and charismatic, Aarhan makes his presence felt in every room he walks into. His sense of team spirit - both on and off the football field - supplements his convincing skills to smoothly come to conclusions regarding matters of discussion, making it look ever so easy. His witty demeanour, as well as his pragmatic approach to adversity, is sure to make the UNODC an intelligently stimulating and fun-filled environment.