Only students studying in gradeS 11 and 12 are eligible for this event

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united nations office on drugs and crime

Dhanesh is passionate and confident in nature and  combines the best of sports and his intelligence to bring out excellence across many disciplines. With his memory for detail and verbal skills, he is uniquely suited to lead and persuade delegates towards solutions. His ability to work in teams will help him guide everyone around him. He makes a perfect fit for Chair of the UNODC committee with his brilliant personality.


Dhanesh Gianani

Nidhi, an ardent and committed team player is capable of ensuring that every team-mate contributes to the success of the group. In the role of a moderator for a committee which is going to be one of the most heated and impactful debates, she will intelligently ensure it is the most participative group.


Nidhi Kashyap

A girl of many talents, Sameeksha Agarwal is a powerhouse of energy, always working on something new. Her multifaceted personality can have you in tears by her moving penmanship, exemplary oratory skills, or even her humour. Intelligent and opinionated, she presents her views with calmness and elan.


Sameeksha Agarwal

Jenaya Desai is an individual who will complete any task directed her way with efficiency and grace. Her ability to assert any situation with her even temper makes her the perfect rapporteur for UNODC. Her leadership skills coupled with her vibrant demeanour will ensure that the committee never has a dull moment.


Jenaya Desai