Only students studying in gradeS 11 and 12 are eligible for this event

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united nations security council

A fierce speaker and experienced writer, Vani Dadoo believes that MUNs are the perfect opportunity to develop political curiosity and create practical and feasible solutions with the potential to better the lives of millions. She expects delegates to be opinionated yet sensitive and decisive yet calm. In her extraordinarily fast-paced committee, debate is certain to be vivid and electrifying.


Vani Dadoo

With a combination of hardwork, humility and humour, Jash Dalal is someone who will never leave any stone unturned. Having a knack of persuasion and substantial listening skills, he has a great understanding of delegates. His outspoken and easy-go-lucky persona is what makes him a go-to person in times of difficulty.


Jash Dalal

A passionate writer and orator, Caelean Tavares is a perfect fit for the Security Council. She believes that this committe perfectly combines her love for diplomacy and dramatics. She looks forward to having each delegate engage in some mind enriching debate.


Caelean Tavares

Akshat Rakheja is a skilful writer and loves debate and structure. He is open minded and is always excited to learn about different outlooks and varied perceptions. His spontaneity and love for deliberations will make the committee engaging.


Akshat Rakheja