United NATIONS Security council


Bani is an avid debater and takes keen interest in global politics, international affairs and government reforms. She is known for her prowess on topics of nuclear defence and her proficiency as an orator. A member of the Student Council, Bani believes in working to make a difference at every level. She appreciates delegates who are well prepared, use innovative analogies, impactful speeches and occasional humour. And with all that said, you are now well equipped to venture into the UNSC with Bani as your Chair.


VICE CHAIR: Anjana Dhar

Anjana is inclined towards diplomacy of the highest order. She spends a lot of time analysing the human mind and behaviour. That leads her to be swift when it comes to gauging personalities and one who isn't afraid to voice her views.  She's an ambitious orator and has a lot to say about bureaucratic operations. Being the Club Leader of TED-Ed, she has a high level of interest in global affairs and a knack for public speaking. One must be nothing short of high spirited and geared up with immense talent in her committee. She looks forward to working with the chosen delegates of UNSC as its Vice Chair!



Devam is an experienced MUNer and believes that being part of such a platform is an integral experience that everyone should have at least once in their lives. He looks forward to seeing a diverse committee filled with people of varying paradigms. He has a rather unusual need for grammatical correctness and has a lot of respect for those that use impeccable grammar.


RAPPORTEUR: Hridansh Gada

Hridansh tries to keep himself updated about the events happening around the world especially related to defence. He tries to keep a close check on the armed forces of countries. He expects a committee well versed with international laws and diplomacy and one which will find realistic solutions to the problems faced by the world.