Only students studying in gradeS 11 and 12 are eligible for this event

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united nations human rights council


1. Human rights considerations in relation to administration of justice through military tribunals with special emphasis on the USA.

2. Rights and treatment of prisoners of war and inmates.

Chair: Shrilakshmi Sankaranarayanan

Vice-Chair: Jessica Budh

Moderator: Aryan Chopra

Rapporteur: Krishna Thakker

About the committee:

The work of the United Nations Human Rights Council has never been more important in its 13 years of existence than it is today. With the nations of the world harbouring animosity towards each other, the welfare of the people of the world has fallen deeper into neglect. Our predecessors endeavoured to ensure that we all shared equal rights, not only as citizens of the world, but also as human beings. How many more ruthless attacks on refugee camps or
horrifying cases of human trafficking will it take to awaken the conscience of humanity? As the citizens of today and the leaders of tomorrow, it is time for us to take a stand and make our voices heard - the humane voices of reason and change.


Country Matrix: 

  1. Afghanistan

  2. Bangladesh

  3. Canada

  4. People’s Republic Of China

  5. Denmark

  6. Sweden

  7. Switzerland

  8. India

  9. Israel

  10. Japan

  11. Peru

  12. Russia

  13. Mexico

  14. Democratic People’s Republic of Korea

  15. People’s Republic of Korea

  16. United States of America

  17. France

  18. United Kingdom

  19. South Africa

  20. Chile

  21. Australia

  22. Portugal

  23. Syria

  24. Germany

  25. Turkey

  26. Uruguay

  27. Argentina

  28. Belgium

  29. Denmark

  30. Uzbekistan

  31. South Sudan

  32. Pakistan

  33. Nepal

  34. Hungary

  35. Italy

  36. Poland

  37. Czech Republic

  38. Central African Republic

  39. Philippines

  40. Colombia