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united nations human rights council


Reviewing the situation of peaceful mass protests with emphasis on the ones in Chile, Hong Kong, India and Palestine


Chair: mishall bhathena

Vice-Chair: lenishka gangwani

Moderator: priyancka srivastava

Rapporteur: ananya chowdhry

about the committee

The United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) is an organisation based solely upon the principle that all human beings are created equal and they all deserve the same rights. The right to protest is seen as a basic human right in many countries and we seek to ensure such rights are preserved for everyone without interfering with the peace and sovereignty of the affected nations. Join us in the quest for equal treatment for all.

country matrix

  1. Afghanistan

  2. Argentina

  3. Angola

  4. Armenia

  5. Australia

  6. Bahrain

  7. Bangladesh

  8. Brazil

  9. Bulgaria

  10. Burkina Faso

  11. Cameroon

  12. Chile

  13. Democratic Republic of the Congo

  14. Denmark

  15. Eritrea

  16. Germany

  17. India

  18. Indonesia

  19. Italy

  20. Japan

  21.  Libya

  22. Mexico

  23. Netherlands

  24. Nigeria

  25. Pakistan

  26. Philippines

  27. Poland

  28. Qatar

  29. Republic of Korea

  30. Senegal

  31. Slovakia

  32. Somalia

  33. Spain

  34. Sudan

  35. Ukraine

  36. Uruguay

  37. Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of)



  1. Palestine

  2. Israel

  3. China

  4. Hong Kong

  5. United States

  6. United Kingdom