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united nations office on drugs and crime


Narcotics and extremism with special emphasis on financial fraud and 


Chair: Rahael braganza

Vice-Chair: radhika tibriwal

Moderator: vedika makhija

Rapporteur: aarhan roy chowdhury

about the committee

The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) is an agency of the United Nations whose main objective is to fight against drugs and transnational organised crime. UNODC responds to the international community on issues relating to illicit trafficking, abuse of drugs, crime prevention and criminal justice, international terrorism and political corruption. UNODC devises main strategies to combat drug and crime to support the governments in the implementation of diverse legislation, international treaties and laws against drugs, crime, terrorism and corruption. UNODC conducts research projects and offers guidance and support to countries across the world in the adoption of those legislations and international documents.

country matrix

  1. Afghanistan (CO)

  2. Albania

  3. Argentina

  4. Azerbaijan

  5. Bangladesh

  6. Belgium (LO Brussels)

  7. Brazil (LPO)

  8. Cambodia

  9. Colombia (CO)

  10. Ecuador

  11. Egypt (RO Middle East & North Africa

  12. El Salvador

  13. Guatemala

  14. Guinea-Bissau

  15. India (RO South Asia)

  16. Indonesia

  17. Iran (CO)

  18. Iraq

  19. Kenya (RO East Africa)

  20. Mexico (LPO)

  21. Mozambique

  22. Nigeria (CO)

  23. Pakistan (CO)

  24. Palestine

  25. Panama (RO Central America & The Caribbean)

  26. People's Republic of China

  27. Peru (CO)

  28. Philippines

  29. Russia

  30. Senegal (RO West & Central Africa)

  31. Somalia

  32. South Africa (RO)

  33. Sri Lanka

  34. Thailand (RO South East Asia & The Pacific)

  35. The Netherlands

  36. Ukraine

  37. United Arab Emirates

  38. United States of America (LO)

  39. Uzbekistan (RO Central Asia)

  40. Vietnam