The Situation in Libya

Chair: bani kaur sachar

Vice-Chair: anjana dhar

Moderator: devam shah

Rapporteur: hridansh gada

about the committee

In a world on the edge of pandemonium, with every corner threatened by socio-political calamities created by the opportunistic interests of a few, proxy wars, and the omnipresent threat of nuclear weaponry, it rests upon the United Nations Security Council, the only body of the United Nations entrusted with passing binding resolutions, to act and create compelling and practical solutions. Delegates, how will you practice your art of diplomacy, at a time when intentions are easily distorted, the truth effortlessly hidden, and paranoia and terror run rampant?

country matrix

  1. United States of America    

  2. People's Republic of China    

  3. United Kingdom    

  4. Russian Federation    

  5. French Republic    

  6. Libyan Republic    

  7. Libyan Government of National Accord *    

  8. Libyan House of Representatives*    

  9. Libyan National Army*    

  10. State of Qatar    

  11. Republic of Turkey    

  12. United Arab Emirates    

  13. Republic of Chad    

  14. Arab Republic of Egypt     

  15. Italian Republic    

  16. Kingdom of Saudi Arabia    

  17. Republic of Sudan     

  18. Republic of Malta     

  19. Islamic Republic of Iran     

  20. People's Democratic Republic of Algeria    

  21. Republic of Niger    

  22. Republic of Tunisia     

  23. Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan     

  24. Kingdom of Morocco    

  25. Syrian Arab Republic    

  26. Somali Republic    

  27. Republic of India    

  28. Fedrral Republic of Germany     

  29. Kingdom of Thailand     

  30. Republic of Cuba    

  31. Ukraine     

  32. Republic of Mali     

  33. Hellenic Republic of Greece    

  34. Republic of Liberia    

  35. State of Palestine     

  36. Federal Republic of Nigeria    

  37. Republic of Kosovo     

  38. Republic of Indonesia    

  39. Kingdom of Spain    

  40. State of Israel     ​


Only students studying in grades 11 and 12 are eligible for this event

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